Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special Children's day in Suwon hwaseong(Free admission for Haenggung, Horseback martial art performance)

There was special children's day event at Hwaseong haenggung incuding horseback martial art performance, Taekwondo performance, Jangyongyoung guard ceremony.
Forethemore, children under age 13 and adults in traitional cloth are allowde to free admission for Hwaseong haenggung.

○ Children's day speical event schedule
- 11:00~11:30 24 martial arts trial performance
- 14:00~14:30  Jangyongyoung guard ceremony
- 15:00~16:00 24 martial arts trial performance(horseback martial art), Taekwondo performance
- 10:00~16:30 Standing experience(face painting, paitng martial arts)
○ free admission for children under age 13 and adults in traitional cloth

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