Monday, November 3, 2014

Stage and audience bonds together at House Concert

‘House Concert’, an event that bonds performers and audience together, will be held at Suwon SK Atrium.
The concert is a special program planned for ‘Culture Day.’ The barrier between the stage and seats will be removed to enhance interaction between the artists and the audience. The audience will enjoy this new experience as they will be sitting around the artists on stage, close enough to feel their breathing and even their beads of perspiration.
‘Culture Day’ is a special program created by the Presidential Committee for Cultural Enhancement and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to promote easier access to culture. On the last Wednesday of each month, the cultural facilities that are operated by public institutions can be rented at a reasonable price.
‘House Concert’ of Suwon SK Atrium will offer 2 performances on October 29 and November 26. In the first concert, which will be held at 7:30pm on October 29, violinist Kyung Sun Lee and pianist Hyo-Sun Lim will demonstrate their elegant classical musical skills and give a commanding performance. In the second concert on November 26, Saenghwang artist Hyo Young Kim, pianist Kyung Hoon Park and cellist Chan Wook Kang will play in harmony to perform the wonderful sound of Korean Music.
Any member of the audience who wishes to appear on stage with the artists may apply at the ticket office from 1 hour prior to the performance. 50 applicants will be selected in order of arrival. Additionally, reservations for the House Concert of Suwon SK Atrium are available on Interpark and Suwon SK Atrium Webpage. The ticket price is KRW 10,000 won.

○ Date : October 29(Wednesday), November 26(Wednesday) 19:30
○ Venue : Suwon SK Atrium Grand Concert Hall

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