Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Suwoncheon Public Art Project

The Suwoncheon Public Art Project, which began in 2012, has finally unveiled itself.
Following the ‘Riverside Symphony’ (Maehyang-gyo) in 2012, ‘Wall of Business Ethics’ (Jidong-gyo) and ‘Workplace’ (Gucheon-gyo) in 2013, a total of 4 art pieces including 2 digital media artworks and 2 kinetic artworks have been created and installed at Samhee-gyo (Yeonmu-dong) and Banghwa 2-gyo (Yeonghwa-dong), located at the Gwanggyo Reservoir, the upper region of the Suwoncheon.

▲ color of breathing

The installed art pieces at the two bridges are the ‘sound of water colors’ and the ‘color of breathing’, both digital media art works, and ‘Mirror Wall’ and ‘Wave’, automata created in the form of kinetic art.

▲ sound of water colors

The ‘color of breathing’ represents the Suwonchoen that flows from the Gwanggyo Reservoir to the city center using light fixtures. The ‘sound of water colors’ displays Suwoncheon in the form of light and sound, and detects movement when passengers walk past the bridge to display various light and sound effects.

▲ Wave

‘Mirror Wall’ and ‘Wave’ are artworks that visualize water streams and water particles of Suwoncheon in the form of formative arts. People can enjoy the artwork by operating the levers.

▲ Mirror Wall

The above artworks become complete when people participate in them, and are a culmination of Suwoncheon’s natural environment and artistic creativity which stimulates all five senses including auditory and visual senses.

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