Sunday, September 10, 2017

2017 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment

In September 2017, the three cities of Suwon, Seoul, and Hwaseong will come together for the ‘King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment.’ In past years, Suwon City had organized the King Jeongjo Tomb Parade on its own. The Parade traditionally reenacted the King’s royal procession in the year of Eulmyo (1789) as he paid his respects to his father, Crown Prince Sado. This year, however, is the first time for the Parade to reenact the entire route of King Jeongjo’s royal procession which begins in Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul, passes Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Temporary Palace, and ends at the Yungneung in Hwaseong. With this complete route, the entire Parade will incorporate Changdeokgung Palace, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, and Yungneung which bears witness to King Jeongjo’s filial piety. Also, the size of this year’s reenactment will be the largest-ever with a total length of 59.2km, total participating personnel of 4,210 persons, and 720 horses.

  • Event Duration: September 23 (Sat) ~ September 24 (Sun), 2017 
  • Procession Location: Changdeokgung Palace (Seoul) - Siheung Haenggung Temporary Palace - Changanmun Gate - Yeonmudae - Yungneung
  • Admission: Free
  • Website :

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