Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The 50th Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival

The festival has been continued in and around Suwon Hwaseong, one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites from 1964, for a half of a century. Now, the festival is noted as the representative cultural event of Suwon City and one of the top traditional cultural tourism festivals in Korea for its various programs and the yearly visiting of more than 700 thousands citizens and tourists.

- Period : 2013. 9. 27(Fri) ~ 2013. 10. 1(Tue)
- Place : Hwaseong Hanggung and Suwon0Hwaseong Area including Suwon Cheon (Stream)
- Main Programs
King Jeonjo's Visit Ceremony to his Father's Grave, Ya Jo(夜操, Night Military Trianing Exercise), Yong Yeon(龍淵, Dragon Pond) Performance, Jinchanyeon for Hyegeonggung Hong (the 60th Birthday Party for King Jeonjo's birth mother Hyegeonggung Hong), Chinrim Guageo (Government Test at King Jeongjo's Present), Yungrueng Jehyang (King Jeonjo's Memorial Rite to his Father's Grave) and etc.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

[Suwon Hwaseong] Janganmun, the North Gate

Janganmun is the north gate of the Hwaseong Fortress and the largest of the existing main gates. The word jangan means a capital, illustrating King Jeongjo’s intention to make Hwaseong a major city. To symbolize the dignity of a royal family, a two-storied building was constructed and ongseong, a small brick tower, was erected to protect the gate. It was also designed so that water could be poured through five holes called oseongji on the upper side of ongseong in case enemies tried to burn the gate.

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