Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Announcement concerning COVID-19

Suwon is suspending all programs featuring hands-on activities at the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, and is closing its cultural facilities as part of a city-wide effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate your support and cooperation on this matter.

  • Suwon Hwaseong Fortress (Hwaseong Haenggung Temporary Palace): Open 
  • Programs featuring hands-on activities (Hwaseong Eocha Program, Gukgung Archery Program, Hyowon Bell Tolling Program, Culture and Tourism Commentator Program, etc.): Suspended Muye-24 Martial Arts Demonstration Program: Suspended 
  • Suwon Hostel: Closed 
  • Public facilities (Suwon Traditional Culture Center, Hanok Technology Exhibition Hall, Suwon SK Atrium, Library, etc.): Closed 

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress (Hwaseong Haenggung Temporary Palace) shall remain open for public access. However, please wear a mask if you plan on visiting the Hwaseong Fortress or Hwaseong Haenggung Temporary Palace.