Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Suwon Traditional Culture Hall, hosts planned exhibit of table settings from the Wonhaeng Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe

Celebrating ‘Visit Year 2016 Suwon Hwaseong’, Suwon hosts a special exhibition ‘King Jeongjo meets table settings from the Wonhaeng Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe’ until October 31.

 This exhibition showcases table settings for royal cuisine based on the records for Wonhaeng Eulmyo Jeongri Uigwe which details the eight-day royal procession of King Jeongjo the Great to Hwaseong Fortress.

The exhibition will feature the breakfast and lunch menu served to Hyegyeonggung Hong, three items that replicate the table setting from a banquet for the elderly hosted by King Jeongjo the Great. In addition, visitors will be able to see the breakfast of King Jeongjo the Great, the Sobyeolmi and Mieum table settings for Hyegyeonggung Hong, as well as eight photographs of table settings for special guests, court ladies, entertainers, performers, and soldiers.

 With this exhibition, visitors can take a look at table settings in the palace during the reign of King Jeongjo the Great ranging from dishes served to the King to those for other office holders of differing ranks at the palace.