Sunday, September 14, 2014

‘Baek, Dong Su, the Moonlight Warrior’, the Brand Performance on 24 Martial Art Skills

Muyedobotongji, a literary text on martial arts in the Three States and a brilliant memoir on the era of King Jeongo during the Joseon era!
Baek, Dong Su’s dreamlike journey in which martial arts are created with the soldiers of Jang, Yong Yeong!

The dynamic group dance of the members of 24 Martial Art Skills!
The beautiful gesture showing the heaven amusement!
The buzzy percussion performance of the Korean folk band!
The moderate acting of actors!
The glorious world cultural heritages from Suwon Hwaseong are reenacted in a lively manner on stage with videos and technologies, and the unique and various spectacles are shown against the beautiful Sinpungru of Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung(Temporary Palace).

[Performance Details]
Dongsu, a member of the Baeks of Suwon!
He sleeps a languid sleep while touring the Eight Great Views of Suwon and receives the invincible sword from the soul of Prince Sado and the mystical and secret soldiers in the place where heaven amusement is all around in the dream. 
Meanwhile, King Jeongjo imagines Prince Sado, his father, and is always worried about assassination conspiracies. By the merest chance, he is ordered to develop and perfect martial arts to save King Jeongjo and to strengthen royal authority.
He conceives martial arts with the soldiers of Jang, Yong Yeong in peaceful Suwon. He meets Yeoni and gives shape to beautiful dreams. One day, an assassin of the group opposed to the strengthening of royal authority kills Yeoni. 
Deeply lost in thought, Baek, Dong Su overcomes pain, understands himself and others, completes Muyedobotongji, delivers it to King Jeongjo, and leads the nation to prosperity and security.
Stage 1: Prince Sado in the Dream
Stage 2: Becomes the Sword of King Jeongjo
Stage 3: Love of Baek, Dong Su and Mutual Understanding
Stage 4: Achieves National Prosperity and Defense with Muyedobotongji 

[Performance Summary]
▶ Performance Date and Time
  - 2014. 8.22 (Friday), 9.19 (Friday), 9.20 (Saturday), 9.26 (Friday), and 9.27 (Saturday) 8 pm / Hwaseong Haenggung(Temporary Palace) Sinpungru(Main gate of Hwaseong Haenggung)
  - 2014. 10.3 (Friday) 8 pm / 1st Suwon Outdoor Concert Hall
▶ Admission Fee: Free