Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bareunsaem Children’s Library, Photo Exhibition of Director Inhyeok Song of MBC ‘Tears of Earth’

Bareunsaem Children’s Library holds the Emperor Penguin Photo Exhibition of Photo Director Inhyeok Song of MBC ‘Tears of Earth’ Series as part of the project ‘Knowla Earth’ environmental campaign ‘Save the Earth’ for one month from the July 17th to July 20th at Bareunsaem Children’s Library.
Knowla Earth is a compound word of ‘knowledge’ and ‘earth’ and a slogan selected by Bareunsaem Children’s Library to intimate the sense of correctly knowing and protecting the earth.
This exhibition is an exhibit vividly recording over 300 days by Photo Director Inhyeok Song of documentary MBC ‘Tears of South Pole’ and deals with the ecology of the emperor penguin. Also, this is the first coverage of the emperor penguin in Asia and the fifth world wide.
Photo Director Song entirely covers the period of the birth and growth of the emperor penguin on South Pole Continent. He walked over 100 Km in a month and tried to convey the message of the noble life of emperor penguin as it overcomes difficulties  in the bitterly cold polar region and matures.
Through this exhibition, it is hoped that children will learn about issues such as global warming and the destruction of nature, etc. and that they will develop a desire to protect the environment.
Emperor Penguin Photo Exhibition may be viewed from 9:00 a,m. to 6:00 p.m. every day except for Mondays (closing day), and admission fee is free of charge.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Suwon Hwaseong International Music Festival

In 2014, the World Heritage Site Suwon Hwaseong plays host to global artists in the 2014 Suwon Hwaseong International Music Festival in the city of culture and art, Suwon! The people of Suwon and music lovers present the best classical festival, with performances from citizens' programs, and amateur music groups with passionate fringe festivals in various locations around Suwon for everyone to enjoy.

- Theme : A Rendezvous - Culture, Music and Tradition
- Period : 2014. 6. 14(Sat) ~ 6. 21(Sat) , 8 Days
- Location : Suwon SK Atrium, Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon 1st Performance Stage, and more