Sunday, July 29, 2018

Suwon Center for Traditional Culture 'Jegongheon Judasobangwa Table'

Dasobangwa is a palace refreshments table and is one of the food servings for the king. There were 5 or 6 food servings for the king including breakfast (Juksura, 6am), Josura (10am), Seoksura (5pm) as well as the side meals, Judasobangwa and Yadasobangwa. Dasobangwa consisted of tteok(rice cake), Hangwa (biscuit types), fruits, tea, and flour based food servings (noodles, dumplings, tteokguk or rice cake soup). Experience Judasobangwa at Suwon Center for Traditional Culture.

  • Period : 10:00~17:00 Tuesday ~ Sunday every week
  • Location : Suwon Center for Traditional Culture
  • Fee : KRW3,000 per person
  • Numbers : weekday maximum 30 people, weekend maximum 50 people
  • Inquiry :